Friday, 7 October 2011

How to: A floral head wreath

Today i had the urge to create something cute for summer that anyone could make. All the parts used were purchased at David’s Emporium which is similar to an art and craft store.

What you’ll need:

False flowers
Florist tape (in green)
Stems Or Stem wires

Begin by measuring the stems around your head for desired size, when that is done begin attaching flowers by wrapping them around the stem. The difference between the stems is that one has small pieces which make the wreath look more realistic. 

When you have gone all the way around and the stems are secured, begin to cover the wires with the green florist tape. This creates a cleaner look.

What is should look like:

Optional add on:
You could run a ribbon through it and tie a bow on the back, in this picture I just made a bow at the back.
AND this is one with the Stem wire and no ribbon.

Hope you guys enjoyed and make your own ={D

BTW: I am trying to get a better camera so next time the pictures will be clearer.

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