Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cookie xx

Today I really wanted to post something but that could have LOADS of pictures. So... why not my baby?


Cookie is a pure bred Maltese dog and she is almost 3 years old!

When Conor and I were first dating I REALLY wanted a dog, so he helped me by finding exactly the right dog online. A few days later we went to see all the puppies and only two were left.

I don't know if anyone has ever had a connection with an animal like I did that day. As soon as I saw her I knew she was meant to be mine! When I cuddled her she snuggled her little head into me and all I wanted was to take her home.

Problem.... parents didn't want a dog. But what they didn't know, wouldn't hurt them haha.

I still had to wait one more day so we could get the money to buy her! She was $800! Yes, I know! But I just couldn't leave her after seeing her. (I have recently gone into animates and seen other Maltese dogs and end up crying because I know I cannot get them) Conor won't let me go in any anymore :(

So Conor and I grew our cute little family by getting this quiet but adorable puppy.

We picked her up the next day and OH MAN was I happy!!! I loved her so much, I just wanted to show her off to everyone!!!

When we got home I slowly stepped into the house with her in my arms and put her down in the living room. WOW, my dad was not happy! He kept going on about how dogs were expensive and I wasn't responsible enough. (The next day I came home to a very happy Cookie asleep snuggled up to my dad on the couch) haha. Gosh I love him.

So here are some cool photos of my crazy dog.

^ Cookie when we first got her ^

 ^ Cookie sporting a moustache on her head ^

 ^ Fashionista? ^

 ^ Getting in my photos ^

 ^ Sporting short hair ^

 ^ She loves rolling on the grass :) ^

 ^ dyed her hair like mummy ^

 ^ Hanging on the couch with mummy ^

^ Modelling ^

 ^ Always wanting to be in front of the camera ^

 ^ She loves the beach! Barks at the waves ^

 ^ "I like the wind in my hair" ^


 ^ "No I don't want to wear a bow!" ^

 ^ Having a little rest with mummy ^

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  1. Oh wow this dog is the cutest thing ever! So many different doggie expressions hehe

    V x


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