Monday, 25 March 2013

What am I reading?

At the moment I am reading two books, but in reality I am only reading one and the other sits on my bed side table most of the time.

BOOK ONE: A Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin

I have totally jumped into this Game of Thrones bandwagon, which I swore I never would. I guess it is Conor's fault but hey, I am not complaining now.

So, I am as of now, on the second book in the MASSIVE series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and let me tell you George R.R Martin knows how to get you mad, sad and happy. This guy takes you on an emotional journey where you cheer people on or either want their head on a spike. But as you might know, he only kills the best characters.... I cried in the train, on the way to work, when Lady (the direwolf) was killed. Yes, I cried in public because a wolf died... in a book.

Favourite Character: Can we make this plural? I cannot tell you how amazing and relateable most of these characters are! My top 4 are (in no particular order): Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and Bran Stark.

Least Favourite: I know this will sound mean but I found Catelyn Stark, the most boring person to read in the book. The whole time she whines about her children being sad and alone.... but she's the one who chose to leave them?? IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE? Ahh and she is so annoying with Robb, like always talking about how young he is and on and on and on... Yes, we know he is your favourtie, he doesn't need you any mroe, get over it..

Can I sneakily add Rickon onto this? Did any one else find this little dude a total douchebag? I know he is small, but I think he is going to be evil when he is older...

What's the book like so far: Fabulous! I cannot wait to finish it as the third season is coming out next week and I want to keep up with it!! WHO WILL BE KILLED NEXT??? Oh the agony..

BOOK TWO: The Messenger by Markus Zusak

Markus Zusak is a genius! I haven't started this book yet but his previous book, The Book Thief, is AMAZING. So I am only expecting good things from this!

I will update you on this book if I ever start reading it. You have to remember that A Song of Ice and Fire is a HUGE series and George R.R Martin is writing two more books... So I might not read this book for a while.. But hey, it will look pretty next to my bed!


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