Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Where have you been hiding?

Well, I have some explaining to do don't I? Yes I have not been posting up many blog posts lately because my life revolves around work, travelling home on the bus. spending time with loved ones, shopping, regretting shopping and travelling back to work on the bus. So, as you can see, I am super busy.

To update you on my life, as you obviously want to know what is happening.

- I have been working for Allergy New Zealand (a not for profit) this year!

- I graduated in March 2013. Woohoo!

- I am STILL license-less. What a surprise...

- My 21st birthday is coming up. Come at me old age!

So as you can see nothing interesting has happened in my life. AND since I have began to lack in the department of being creative I have decided to set goals for myself for the remainder of the year.

1. Start a fashion Youtube channel! I am too scared to sit in front of a camera and talk about myself (as if I don't like to talk about myself 24/7)

2. Become more positive and happy.

3. Grow my passion for sewing and creating things.

4. Re-do my bedroom.

5. Have more people read this blog (so they can read about me 24/7)

6. Get a sense of humour..

7. and much much more.

So, see you in my next post! Hopefully not five months from now...

(I just tried to come up with a cool ending, maybe something that that rhymed with lace, but it was just too cheesy.)
Have a fantastic day


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