Sunday, 1 September 2013

Room tour

Green duvet and pillows
Thought I would share my room! It is not perfect yet but I love it. We are working on painting the walls and so that is why the walls are bare, as we had to remove very old wallpaper.

Cute elephants // Dirty windows

Vintage cameras // Rabbit painting

More vintage cameras // Stuffed rabbit
Marilyn Monroe picture // Flowers

Photo of dad (taken by me) // Polaroid images of Conor and I // Candle // Our books (Game of thrones)
Closet continued // Shoes
Candles // Fish eye camera // Holga // Hair products // Small flower // Glass bottles

His and hers hats // White mirror // Makeup
Cupcake holder // Teeny Tinny Tea cups // Vintage camera // Rubix cube // Handmade Fox // Candle // Vintage books // Mac

Handmade monster // Candle // Game fo Thrones boxset // Vinyl figurines (Walking dead & Game of Thrones) // Pinecone (found at the lake, almost fell on my head)

I have also decided to show you some extra photos of my dog who is sooo cute! 

Sleepy head // Sleeping while I tidy the room up

She is always standing or sitting by me when I try to take photos, so I picked her up for a photo 

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  1. Your dog is so adorable! Also loving your bed sheets - they're very pretty.

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter:


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