Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to: Cute hair decoration!

Today, after cleaning up my room and re-decorating it, the bf decided to take me to my favourite shop... David's Emporium! It is filled with goodies, and if you have read the other how to, you will know that's where I get most of my materials from! So I was looking around trying to find stuffing, which is for another tutorial coming up soon, and I found this cute bird! So instantly I came up with this awesome idea.

What you need:

1. Bird (not a real one, haha)

 2. False flowers

 3. Florist tape (in green)

 4. Circular object OR Stem wire

OR if you do not have a round object, you can create one with stem wires.

Make the shape of the object as above.

Step one:

Begin by twisitng the roses or false flowers around the circular object, until you have the desired amount.

I also placed a few plain leaves to take up some space.

Step two:

Cover the whole object with green florist tape. it will stay on as it is sticky.

NOTE: Make sure to put at least two strands of florist tape through the middle, so you can secure the bird on it.

Step three:

Push the bird's wire through the florist tape in the centre and tape it to the back.

Step four:

Now cover the centre whole completley with the florist tape.

Step five:

Get a clip, (I ripped this one from an old hair bow), and clip a couple of the florist tape.

Now you can pin it where you please!

Optional: You could add some green ribbon, placing it aroung randomly and taping the edges to the back.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make some cute hair deco yourself :)


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