Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Auckland Adventures

On foot, again, we explored all the wonderful corners of Auckland. We started the day by sleeping in! When we managed to get up we headed over to the Auckland Museum on foot... ah it was tiring.

We walked for sooooo long, but it was worth it. Auckland is a beautiful town with great sights and people.

Here are some pictures.. there aren't many of Conor because I am bad at taking photos on the iPhone haha.

We then went out to dinner at Kabuki which is a Japanese restaurant, where we had the best time EVER! If you want to see Conor's awesome egg juggling and bowl catching, go to my Twitter: karinayanez5.

This restaurant was great, they made the food in front of us juggling things and making us catch our food with our mouths and bowls.

I am now sitting with my full tummy in front of the fire looking back through the days photos, here is a picture from us at dinner. Photo taken by our chef haha. Make sure to look at our sexy bibs haha.

It was Conor's first time and I loved the look on his face when he had to catch things, it was all very interactive and fun! It was also awesome because we were the only ones there, so we had the full attention of the staff.

Here is an AWESOME picture of the SkyTower on the way home :) Looks beautiful.

All in all, we had a great time on our second day in Auckland. Tomorrow is our last day! Hopefully we get to do something super exciting!


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Have a great time, doing whatever you are doing!


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