Thursday, 20 September 2012

In the clouds...dreaming

Hey everyone! It's Friday YAY! Something to celebrate right?

Today wanted to blog but I didn't know what about sooo I just thought I would do another wish list. Hence the title "In the clouds... dreaming"

Here we go ..


/Patti Shorts/$99.95AUD/

/Daisy Shorts/in white and orange/$89.95AUD/


/Retro Crown White Bag/$69.99USD/

/Cat Ear Upturned Trim Neon-green Hat/$23.99USD

/Gold-tone Riveted Mint Jumper/$46.99USD/

Good As Gold

/Cat ears Ring/from Meadowlark/$205.00NZD/


/Leah Dress/$38.00USD/

/Spiky Ponyhair Purse/$65.00USD/

Hope you have a great evening  xx

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