Friday, 23 November 2012

Hey girl, whatcha' doing?? Hey girl, where you going?

I am so excited to announce that I will be going to Chile, in a couple of days, for Christmas! *crowd cheering* (So don't be surprised if every post is about Chile now...)

This is going to be the greatest trip! Hot weather, great family and amazing scenery!!

I have not been back to Chile since 2007 so this is an overdue visit! I am worried about my Spanish, though. I mean I don't really use it unless I talk to my mum, so I am a little bit rusty! 

I wonder if op-shops are good over there.. hmmm


Do you guys know where Chile is? Or other factual information about Chile? Well, you do not have to worry because I feel an education blog coming on...

Chile is in South America, next to Argentina and is the best country, like ever. Okay, this is totally where my patriotism is going to come out so bare with me.

I lived in Chile till I was nine. Technically I have lived here for most of my life and I do call New Zealand my home, but Chile is my heritage and I think that will always stick with me.

NOTE: National language in Chile is not Chilean... There is no such language, we speak Spanish. Just a heads up.

Whoever came up with the name Chile was a genius, not. You do not know how many jokes over the years I have heard about chillies. But, it is oddly shaped like a chilli... 

Chile is a country full of beautiful landscapes and people (non vain comment). As you travel along Chile there are so many different sights to see. At the North of Chile lies a legendary desert, while in the South has snow and penguins. On one side you will see monstrous mountains sprinkled with snow, called the Andes, and on your other side you will see the Pacific Ocean. This country really does have it all!

We are very well known for our wines too! Look at this beautiful picture!

I am also proud to announce that Chile has the biggest swimming pool in the WORLD! And it's right next to the beach. 

Want to know anything else? Comment below.

So please drop by to see what I am up to in Chile!


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  1. I see you haven't updated your blog yet :) want to know how was the flight and the welcoming :).


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