Sunday, 16 December 2012

Food, glorious food! *Chilean edition

Airplane food
TIP: Whenever you're in an awkward situation because you and a person have nothing in common, you can talk about food. Humans not only need food to survive, but they enjoy eating it, so it's a good conversation starter. Just think of how many awkward moments I saved you from. You're welcome.

Now let's talk about some delicious Chilean food I have had lately and no I haven't instagramed most of these...

Let us start with the journey here.

First thing I are, an empanada

Completo // Second day
Seafood // Delicious
I thought this counted as food since there are a few chips in the background // But look at how big this corona is

Chocolate bar
When we went on a trip and we stopped to buy some bread, as you do, the bread seller let us take a picture with his oven // That's my uncle

The bread

Chocolate chip cookies... but 10x better

Pizza // The same

Chinese food
Breakfast // Cereal and yoghurt in a packet
This is called crudo, which pretty much means raw // The mince is cooked with lemon and is out of this world

More bread
Steak and chups
Just a normal breakfast

AND that's why I now weight 60kgs. Yep. These aren't even all the pictures lol


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