Friday, 10 August 2012

Hair, hair and more hair

Sometimes people don't realise that hair is an accessory and it can either make or break and outfit..... but it's not really as dramatic as it just sounded.

So in this post I will just talk about what you can do to make sure you're always happy with your hair and demonstrate examples of bad hair from my life. (No one is perfect).

I use to straighten my hair everyday! These days I cherish my sleep too much, so I end up with hair that looks, what I like to call sexy messy.

Firstly, before I get into anything I want to say that your hair is the way it is because it was made for YOU!

As much as people with curly hair want straight hair and those with straight hair want curly hair, they should learn to love and embrace their natural hair.

This post is going to be cut into tree parts. Care, Colour and Cut. The big important Cs. (I totally just made that up, genius.)


This is going to sound crazy but... wash your hair and brush your hair as less as possible.

I can see most of you have left this blog by now, but if you are still here.. THANK YOU :)

If you wash your hair everyday, it will strips it of it's natural oils. This is why when you skip a day it gets really oily!

Your hair pretty much tries to replace all the oil you constantly wash off. So the first time you try to skip at least one day it will be VERY oily, but once your hair gets use to it, it's worth it.

Now onto brushing!

If you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair try to brush your hair as less as possible. To some of you this might sound horrid but try it out you will see the difference.

Only brush your hair BEFORE you have a shower. This helps by letting the products you use to be applied easier through your hair and when you come out and your hair dries it won't be frizzy.

If you brush your hair when it's went it produces breakage and split ends... this makes your hair even more frizzy and look dry.

When washing your hair, it is important to buy good shampoos, conditioners and deep moisturisers. You want something that will be good to your hair but not too heavy that leaves residue on your scalp.

Shampoo and condition every time you wash you hair and use a deep moisturisers once a week. I would recommend Macadamia Natural Oil products, they took my hair from dry and dead to silky and smooth.

How to apply it? This can relate to the next section 'colour' because when you are shampooing coloured hair you should put as little as possible and apply it only to your scalp which targets the oil in your roots.

With conditioner apply it to your ends first, working your way up, but don't apply to your scalp as that will make it oily. Do the same when you use the deep moisturiser.


When choosing the colour you want, be carefulRESEARCH!

Think about it for a while, go to the hairdressers and ask how much it would cost and if you should go that light or dark.

Search online for cheaper at home options but if you haven't dyed your hair at home before... don't.

Now that you have your colour picked out, make sure you are willing to look after it!

For example: I have dyed my hair a lot! But doing the roots was the worst part. I never did it.. until I dyed my hair red.

If you are looking to dye you hair red, do it! It is the best idea!

From experience if you have light brown hair or blonde hair dye it red right on top. You can either do it with permanent of semi-permanent dye depending how much damage you are willing to do to your hair.

BUT.. if you have black hair, like me, it is more difficult.. but not impossible.

Most people think you have to bleach it first and they would be right. BUT.. you can cut that out and bring the damage to your hair down by using Affinage bRed. This product bleaches and dyes your hair all in one. You just need to get a bottle of developer which lasts forever.

Me with my normal hair colour...

 Me with red hair...


Now, we all know there are many different types of cuts. This is difficult ground!

Don't jump into hairstyles you can't or wont look after.

If you get a certain cut, especially ones that are very "out there", you cannot just get it and expect it to look amazing all the time.

TRUST me, you will leave the hairdressers with amazing styled hair but wont be able to re-create it. So go for something simpler that you can style at home and won't take up too much time..

Time is money people, and I am sure we have better things to do than straighten, curl or blowdry our hair.. Like sleep, that's preeeetty important!

EXAMPLE: Me with short hair :)

This is the best example! Though I love this cut and kinda wish I had it now.... it was just so hard to make it look this good. Since my hair is wavy, the shorter it is the curlier it gets and goes CRAZY. This means I had to straighten it everyday to look remortly exeptable to society. Okay, that was a major over exaggeration at the end of that sentence.

EXAMPLE TWO: The side cut 

I am an avid follower of cut trends, and I am not afraid to admit it. The latest one I followed was the "side cut", and let me tell you.. these are not good for work places. No one will take you seriously.

Though I do really love the side cut because it instantly gives you a new style when you part your hair a certain way, it would take forever to grow out!

NO I am not growing it out YET... It's been one year since I got it and I still love it :)

Be careful when picking cuts like these!

All in all, either stick with your natural colour and find a lenght that suits you best, or find a cut that you like and is easy to style at home.

^ I love how my hair cut looks in this one ^

^ Not the greatest picture of me, but that is what my hair looks like now :) All natural! ^

Hope this helped (just so you know, I am no expert!)
Have a nice day

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