Monday, 24 September 2012

Life through Instagram! Aug-Sept

Cookie sitting with us at the table /
Wanting our food
Outfit: Neuw jeans / Lakers Singlet
/ Tempt Jersey / Salvo's Vest
/ Vintage scarf 
Instagram photos for August September 2012
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Reading material / City of Lost Souls
 / Book five 
Eating out at Vivo / Yum Yum

Using Photobooth / My love making
 the same face in every photo
Stamp from Atomic Vintage Market /
Hamilton Gardens

Tennis Ball Bubblegum / Difficult
to chew
Champagne / Birthday Celebration

Shannon and Jenna / A tad drunk

Study Buddy

Sims 3 / Crappy babysitter /
Three babies 
I made my vest look awesome /
Daffy Duck / DIY

Froggie / Friend outside office

Dinner / Stuffed Duck / Yum

Louis Vuitton / Beautiful birthday
Thigh Tattoo / Dear

Tulips grown by me / Watered by
I love you cutie

New hair cut / Done by me
Someone is cold / In front of heater
/ Funny way to lie down 

My hair inspiration / Dora
Working / Jill and Ange

Movie night / Bettlejuice
Outfit: Neuw jeans / All about
eve shirt / Louis Vuitton bag
/ Leopard cardigan

Widdle baby is cold

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